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Aglabs Working Labradors is a small, 5 star licensed family-orientated breeder located just outside of Stamford Lincolnshire that specialises in producing intelligent, healthy, trainable, and beautiful Labradors suitable for the active family home, established working gundog home and assistance / therapy homes.

Our breeding dogs are specifically chosen to have great temperaments, gorgeous looks, natural ability, proven pedigrees, and excellent health clearances. They are well-socialised with children, dogs, and other animals here on our 700 acre Lincolnshire farm. We carefully select breeding pairs to produce top-quality, healthy, gorgeous pups.

Mrs Aglabs ‘Lady with the Reds’


Lissy has grown up around Labradors and various working dogs from an early age. Her love of working gundogs was sown whilst helping her grandfather with his trials dogs on our family estate in Newbury back in the 1990’s. Prior to Aglabs, Lissy worked as a Marketing Director/Consultant in the MEA region.


She is the main day to day ‘contact’ for Aglabs, and can be found training and working the dogs on a daily basis – which is her passion. 


Mr Aglabs


Jonny has grown up here at Anchor Farm, with his family having previously run the farm for over 100 years, the longest standing farmers on the Grimsthorpe Estate. Day to day he runs the entire farm – crops, cattle and sheep. He also runs or assists running in our 3 syndicate shoots which run over both our land and our neighbouring farmers.


Jonny, like Lissy, has also grown up around gundogs, and is the main ‘shooter’ or ‘gun’ in the household. He has his own personal gundog trainer in Mrs AgLabs, making sure his dogs are always ‘field ready’!

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