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Here at AgLabs we have spent many years specially selecting and imported our bloodlines from across the world, ensuring we have the ‘best of the best’ in our breeding plans.  All of our stud dogs are from extensively health tested pedigrees, with excellent results held for multiple generations.


Our  boys are fully trained gundogs and work 3-5 days a week on our shoots in varying roles, from picking up, flushing/beating or peg dogs. Details of individual dogs can be found on their own pages.


Our stud dogs are only available to KC Registered and FULLY health tested females. Pre Booking is strongly recommended as we cannot guarantee last minute availability, particularly during our busy shoot season. Females must be progesterone tested prior to arrival and both stud and endorsement contracts apply.

Aglabs In Your Honour


Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal

Eyes Clear, DNA Clear

Icon is our up and coming stud boy and will be standing at stud from late Autumn 2023.

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Blackharn Trent


Hips 1/1 ANKC, Elbows 0/0 ANKC, Eyes Clear, DNA CLEAR KC 7

Sired by an Open Field trial winner out of a Field trial champion mother.

Trent is an absolute asset to our working team with his athleticism and excellent game finding ability. He is a total gentleman, easy to handle in all ways with an off switch off the shooting field


In our memory


kingsman (rip)

Aglabs Manners Maketh Man

King was the first Mahogany Fox Red Labrador to be brought to the UK from the USA. We imported King directly from the Johnson’s at Tango’s in Minneapolis and we are forever grateful they gave us the opportunity to own such a special boy. His influence in the short amount of time he stood at public stud can be seen across many UK breeders programmes and his bloodlines are related to almost all of the ‘darkest’ reds you will see in the UK.


‘King’ as he was known to his friends was an absolute gentleman, the best dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning or training. He lived to please and was so honest our young sons regularly handled him both in scurries and the show ring with ease. He produced over 30 assistance/therapy dogs, a testament to his trainability and kind nature.


King has offspring as far away as Dubai, Germany, Canada and South Africa. His grandpups and legacy and a huge part of our breeding programme – I can only wish they make their new owners as happy as he made us.

Kingsman Fox red labrador
Kingsman Fox red labrador
Kingsman Fox reds labradors
Fox red labrador
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